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About Us

At Al-Ikhlas Travel & Tours, we understand how challenging it can be to gather all of your documentation when traveling – not to mention expensive. Since 2014, we have been serving private and corporate groups, families, individuals, foreign workers and students, private and government schools, and more. Our management opened Al-Ikhlas Travel & Tours after gaining years of experience. We’ve been in our customers shoes, and we know what it takes to climb out of them! Our team would be happy to assist with your travel documentation every step of the way. Transparent pricing on our website means no hidden surprises.

What Do I Need?

If you have an Identity Card, you can obtain your required documents after you have received notice. For example, we can work together to ensure that all of your required documentation is readily available in your website folder for your retrieval in a week’s time.

How It Works?

Log Into The Al-Ikhlas Website

Enter your ID number into the search tab.

Retrieve your documents.


Pilgrims and Hajj

We make it fast, easy, and affordable to realize your Pilgrimage and Hajj dreams. While we can’t avoid the fact that the costs of the Hajj Pilgrimage rise annually, we can work hard to give all of our customers equal opportunity without focusing on profit. We strive for excellence, offering our clients the very best Pilgrimage and Hajj packages on the web.

Travel Packages

Want to book a pre-set package? Would you rather customize your own? No matter your preference, we have a range of both customizable and non-customizable travel packages. Click here to view our options or contact us to let us know your request. We’re always happy to oblige.

Airline Tickets

We know how stressful it can be to book the right airline tickets, with the right airline, for the best price – without having to rush around to catch connecting flights. We are experts are booking flight tickets, giving you plenty of time between connecting flights (but not too much) while making sure you get the best possible deal for your hard-earned money.


Think you have what it takes to join the Al-Ikhlas Travel & Tours family? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you! We’ll provide you with all the training you need to become an expert in no time.